We just want to share that most of our team is now telecommuting and working from home to ensure their safety and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. We have also worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure product availability. While we have been having issues with some items, most of the issues have been resolved and we do not expect to have major supply issues in the coming weeks. If you have any questions regarding the availability of any specific item, please contact us on the webchat or open a support ticket.


C76 multi function/port Board

the c76 is a full featured multi function and multiport board capable of emulating 5 ports for discrete signals and one for analogs. it allows wiring ttl or industrial type open collector inputs and outputs. capable of monitoring e-stop, safety charge pump, driver fault and vfd fault. and including a power terminal that can power the entire logic of the system.


Now Stocking Eding CNC

Eding CNC has 25+ years experience in motion hardware, software and motion applications



The New DYN4 Servo Kit

this is the best servo kit you will ever use, no more getting behind with deadlines or wasting time figuring out how to integrate the components. so simple, even a caveman can do it!


UC100 USB Motion Controller

automatic firmware updates. up to 6-axis. configurable maximum stepping frequency 25khz, 50khz and 100khz. on the fly configurable 12 pieces of 5v 100% lpt port compatible pinout.


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